In this exquisitely written book, feminist counselor Linda Weber guides us on a journey deep into the heart of abortion. Weber approaches this journey from a perspective that includes an understanding of the natural world, as well as the history and social reality of women’s lives. Her  narrative is beautifully illustrated by stories of women who have come to her for counseling. She  shows us how these individual stories are wrapped in thousands of years of history during which  women’s sexual status and their very identity is derived from their relationship with men.  I was  heartened and inspired by this book to be part of this powerful and necessary transition to a time of  true full humanity for both women and men. I cannot wait to give this masterpiece to my colleagues.

Charlotte Taft, Director, Abortion Care Network

  Here is a beautiful and brave book about abortion, written for everyone who has any curiosity or concern about this fundamentally important part of women’s and men’s lives. Linda Weber approaches abortion with arms and eyes wide open. She places it in its largest contexts (social, political, economic, spiritual, historical), and in its most intimate (morality, life/death, and in the body of each woman). I recommend this book enthusiastically, especially to people who are pro-choice but uncomfortable with aspects of abortion – it will open your eyes and your heart to the depth and scope and profound importance of abortion in our lives.

Ava Torre-Bueno, author of Peace After Abortion

… a very important book which should be required reading for most everyone (over 14 or so) in my opinion. —M.M., New York, NY

Life Choices is a valuable and seminal book that artfully and humbly guides one to truly understand all that the act of abortion has to teach us. — Teresa Robertson, RN, CNM, MS Birth Intuitive, review in the Journal of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health. Vol. 27, No.2 Winter 2012