Sacred Chant Gatherings

Chanting is a simple practice that quiets the mind, opens the heart, uplifts the soul, and is healing and strengthening for the body. I invite you to join me once a month for an hour and a half at my north Boulder studio or in Lyons at the yoga studio to chant and meditate together. No previous experience is necessary, nor do you have to be a “singer.” Anyone can chant and chanting is beneficial to anyone.

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2017 Gatherings

These take place occasionally at Linda’s studio in north Boulder.

Contact Linda for more information.

“Chanting breaks down the difference between the inside and the outside. It’s about having a heart that never shuts down, that nothing can shut down.” — Krishna Das

“I have been attending Linda’s Sacred Chanting sessions, and I am grateful for them. If you would like to enjoy an hour-and-a-half of peace, upliftment, and the joy of chanting in a soft, cozy, and beautiful environment, I’d encourage you to come. Linda’s guitar playing, the multicultural chants, and the circle we form feel sacred indeed.” — Rivvy Neshama, author of Recipes for a Sacred Life