"The spirit of nature answers the questions of the heart."

Linda has been offering psychological and spiritual counseling since 1970 and wilderness quests since 1986. She is a writer, singer/songwriter, and vision quest guide with an M.A. in psychology and women’s studies. Meditation and chanting as well as closeness to nature are at the heart of her spiritual practice.

Counseling & Psychotherapy

Linda’s approach to counseling and psychotherapy is holistic, intuitive, and practical, with an emphasis on the unique essence of each person. The work helps people to strengthen from within by identifying and addressing personal wounds and patterns of thinking and behavior that get in the way of living a fulfilling and productive life.

Grounding to the earth and reaching for the sky…

She works with adults of all ages. Trauma work (EMDR), deep self-inquiry, emotional healing, and cultivation of spiritual practices form the foundation of her work with people. She is easy to talk to and able to show  you how to reframe and understand the most challenging conundrums of your life. Read More…

Women’s Wilderness Quests

Open to the spirit

Open to your heart

Take time to listen

Take time to be

In the Heart of the Mother…

A Women’s Wilderness Quest is an experience of intentional connection to self, earth, and community. We go into wild nature to seek guidance for our lives. Often, the urge to do this comes at a time when change beckons and we feel a part of ourselves wanting to die and become something new. We retreat from the busyness of our lives, allow ourselves to slow down and encounter nature as teacher and healer. As we observe and interact with more than human nature——trees, rocks, sun, sky——we are reminded of our own true nature and place in the scheme of things. Read More…

Writing and Music

A  deep bow to The-Spirit-That-Moves-In-All-Beings-And-Things, and to the Great Mystery of Creation, for all that is revealed.

Published work includes:



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